Our workforce development training team helps organizations (companies, agencies and non-profits) find ever-greater success by connecting with the vast expertise of Oregon State University. We offer a convenient, one-stop resource to develop customized talent development (and coaching) plans that enhance your teams’ productivity – from front line staff to your executive team.

Below are the workforce and team training services we offer. Click here to get started today!


Customized Training

Essential training in a variety of subjects, from technology to leadership and more – all uniquely customized to your organization’s culture, mission and values. Flexible, state-of-the-art training delivery options that include everything from impactful classroom experiences to self-paced online e-learning.

Consulting Services

Planning/consulting to ensure maximum and lasting impact of employee development plans.

Communication Plans

 Employee engagement and initiative rollout support (internal communication plans).

Expert Instructors

Sourcing of world-class experts – from university and industry.

Meshing of Cultures

Materials and online content that aligns with your organization’s brand and voice.


All PACE Projects go through an intake process with program manager review and approval. If you have questions about the initial intake process, please contact our office at PACEProgramManager@oregonstate.edu.

Once a project is approved, a program manager will be assigned to you for the duration of your work with PACE. If you would like to propose a program for our program managers to review, please fill out our intake form here.