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Food start-upsfrom farmer's market stands to food carts to specialty productshave never been more popular, but starting a food product business from scratch takes planning and a thorough understanding of the small food start-up challenges in the industry.

In the Recipe to Market online certificate, learn how to successfully take your food concept to market with a curriculum designed for both prospective and new small- to medium-sized food business entrepreneurs. You'll discover the nuances of the food safety and sanitation regulations, proper market analysis and distribution planning and food business requirements necessary for production and success. You'll also explore ways to efficiently produce food for consumers and generate sales for your food start-up through effective marketing and retailing. Along the way, you'll gain industry insight from the perspectives of successful food entrepreneurs in Portland, Oregon and see how they started their food business. You'll find this online coursework to be the recipe for success with creating and launching your successful food venture.


A presentation highlighting the business and entrepreneuership portion of the workshop, as well as class schedule and topics in detail, can be seen by clicking the button above.


Each course is $299 with a $100 off for those who take all three courses. The Food Writing elective is $250

1. Brand and Market Planning

Learn about food-labeling requirements, branding, promoting, packaging and trademarks for micro- and small-businesses. Explore available distribution channels from grocery retailers and food brokers to online markets and farmers markets.

2. Development and Production

Learn about food safety, FDA regulations, nutrition labeling and food processing requirements.

3. Business Planning, Legality and Financing

Create a business plan outline. Learn about regulations, profit models, and sustainability, business record keeping, finance and legal considerations for food production and distribution.

4. Food Writing (elective)



Victor Willis, President of Campbeltown Consulting, is a leading authority in the natural and specialty products industry, with over 20 years of experience in retail and consumer packaged goods in Europe and North America.

Campbeltown Consulting focuses on sales, branding and marketing for natural, organic, specialty and sustainable products in multiple channels of trade. They specialize in strategic planning, new product development and market launches, writing sales and marketing plans, branding, private label strategies, broker management, building distribution, conducting due diligence for investors, and international sales strategies. 

Prior to consulting, Victor held senior marketing and product development positions with Safeway (Europe), Daymon Worldwide (Japan, USA) and the Fairtrade Foundation (UK).

Additionally, Victor serves on the board of Slow Food (Portland), holds sales management workshops and has delivered presentations at leading Universities.

With an innate curiosity about food systems, Victor is well versed in the multi-step process of brand development and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals. 



Kristin Griffin has worked in editorial at America’s Test Kitchen and Da Capo Lifelong Press, where she edited cookbooks. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in The Oregonian, Portland Monthly, The Boston Phoenix and on Eat This Poem, among other publications. She teaches fiction and food writing at Oregon State University.  

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