Online modules

The core of the Growing Farms course is a series of six online modules that lead you through  the basics of managing a successful farm business:

Dream It. Laying the groundwork for success through planning, assessing your resources and creating an identity for your farm. Experience the Dream It module.

Do It. Building the farm through smart investments in equipment and infrastructure, hiring and managing employees effectively and monitoring energy consumption. Experience the Do It module.

Sell It. Developing successful markets for your farm products with strategies that are compatible with your personal and financial goals and that capitalize on customer needs and trends. Experience the Sell It module.

Manage It. Strengthening your farm business through better financial management, tracking production costs and pricing and establishing procedures for record keeping and accounting. Experience the Manage It module.

Grow It. Working with nature to create and manage a farm ecosystem that is productive, able to resist pests and enhances the quality of your land and other natural resources. Experience the Grow It module.

Keep It. Sustaining the farm business over the long haul through entrepreneurship, development of good communication within the family and business team, careful attention to regulations and risk management. Experience the Keep It module.

Onsite sessions

The combined online/on-site course option includes the six online modules PLUS four in-class sessions. You sign up for a particular location (currently all in Oregon) and meet with other students in an instructor-facilitated learning experience. The schedule for the in-person sessions varies for each location. In most cases, there will be three evening classes (2-3 hours each), plus a Saturday farm tour. Visit the Growing Farms Registration page for more information about locations and dates.