What are CEUs?

The Continuing Education Unit was created by a national task force several decades ago to help professionals and providers of continuing education standardize the quality and length of continuing education instruction.

Professionals who are licensed or certified are often required to submit proof that they have completed a certain amount of continuing education, or CEUs, to their professional board or agency. OSU Professional and Continuing Education works with a large number of these agencies and various OSU departments to issue CEUs.

CEUs issued by PACE meet the strict guidelines set forth by OSU, relevant professional agencies and the International Association for Continuing Education and Training.

CEU standards

There is no universal standard for how many CEUs are required for occupational re-licensure. Most professional boards or agencies have different benchmarks for what constitutes a single hour of CEU work. Therefore, it is important to check with your professional board or whoever defines continuing education requirements for your specific occupation. You should also be careful to ensure that any continuing education courses you register for have already been approved by your professional board or governing body. We post CEU information very clearly on our course or workshop websites.

CEU issuance

We work with organizations to issue OSU-certified CEUs to participants of their workshops and conferences. Learn how Autism Research Institute and ESA International LLC. partnered with PACE to offer OSU-certified CEUs at their events.