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This course introduces the macro- and micro-structure of wood. It focuses on the practical implications of anatomical structure in the field of wood-based composites. Many wood species are discussed, but limited to species of commercial importance in North America. Examples include species that are commonly used in the manufacture of wood-based composites. Many photomicrographs and animations are used to illustrate concepts. Anatomical features of wood are discussed in relation to wood properties, such as density, permeability, and bending modulus. Understanding how and why wood behaves the way that it does is critical for efficient processing, troubleshooting, and product performance

  1. Introduction
  2. Cell wall structure
  3. Chemical composition
  4. Softwood structure
  5. Hardwood structure
  6. Identification
  7. Juvenile wood and reaction wood
  8. Structure – property relationships

Instructor: Fred Kamke (Oregon State University;

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