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Course goals are to develop an understanding of basic chemistry of resins, resin manufacturing, resin options for wood bonding, practical aspects of resin use, resin performance, green aspects of resins, improve effectiveness for solving production problems, and facilitate working with resin suppliers. No knowledge of chemistry is assumed. Any chemical principles required for this course will be discussed

  1. Introduction/Chemical Foundation
  2. Adhesive overview (Resins 101)
  3. Resin manufacturing
    1. Formaldehyde-based resins
    2. Formaldehyde-free resins
  4. Resin quality control and analysis
  5. Resin Applications-OSB
  6. Resin Applications - Particleboard and MDF
  7. Resin Applications - Veneer Composites
  8. Resin Applications – Engineered Assemblies
  9. Final Thoughts

Instructor: Bruce Broline (formerly Arclin; Oregon State University;

This course is part of the Wood-Based Composite Science Short Course Series. Click here to view the whole series.