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This course introduces students to applied statistics and data analysis with a focus on the practical implications of statistics in the field of wood-based composites. The course will prepare the student to collect and analyze data using basic statistical tools. Students will learn how to compute and interpret basic descriptive statistics such as mean and standard deviation. Students will also learn how to compare means from different samples using t-tests and ANOVA and how to interpret the results of those tests. Understanding how and why to collect data and analyze data is critical for quality control, troubleshooting, and product performance.

  1. Introduction
  2. Sampling
  3. Plotting
  4. Basic statistics
  5. Determining normality
  6. t-tests
  7. ANOVA
  8. Distributions

Instructors: Chris Knowles (Oregon State University; and William Boehner (formerly Weyerhaeuser Company; Oregon State University;

This course is part of the Wood-Based Composite Science Short Course Series. Click here to view the whole series.