NOTE: ODA core credit applies only to those who complete the course after March 23rd, 2015.
Oregon Department of Agriculture: 1 core credit
Washington State Department of Agriculture: 1 recertification credit

Herbicides can play a significant role in weed management programs, but their incorrect use can lead to the development of herbicide-resistant weed populations. Using new compounds with different modes of action in an integrated pest management program, along with crop rotations, tillage and other practices, will lessen the likelihood of herbicide resistance developing in a plant population.

This course will teach you about effectively managing the use of herbicides to prevent the development of herbicide-resistant varieties and how to identify and confirm resistant weeds. The fifty-minute course qualifies for the Oregon Department of Agriculture's pesticide applicator recertification, the Washington State Department of Agriculture's pesticide applicator recertification, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture recertification, the Wyoming State Department of Agriculture recertification, the Utah State Department of Agriculture recertification, the Nevada State Department of Agriculture recertification, OR the New Mexico State Department of Agriculture recertification. 

  • Types of herbicide resistance.
  • Differentiation of herbicide resistance statuses and why it is important.
  • Identification of herbicide resistant weeds after an herbicide application.
  • Confirmation of herbicide resistant weeds.
  • Management skills and prevention methods for herbicide resistance.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture approved this course for 1 Core credit as of March 24th, 2015. If you completed the course prior to that, contact ODA at 503-986-4563 for how to use this course in your recertification process.