Learn to Code, Design and Develop Responsive Websites

Designed For
Individuals seeking a flexible pathway to enter, or advance in, careers calling for web development, UX/UI design skills and coding.
Web Design Principles
Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript Programming
Web Graphics with Photoshop
Online | Instructor-led
Each course takes 6 - 10 weeks to complete
As courses are offered in pairs, the full certificate can be completed in 34 weeks

Plan for 3-8 hours of work per week
12.0 Units | 120 Hours
Must be familiar with using computers and web browsers

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We can customize this program to fit your organization's specific needs.

Quality web design is essential for the success of businesses large and small. Organizations rely on web developers to design and maintain their online reputation for audiences across the world. As a web designer and developer, you will be responsible for representing an organization's brand from website usability to to its performance capacity, e-commerce capability, information hierarchy and analytics.

Our Web Development and Coding Certificate online boot camp series gives you a comprehensive skill set to find opportunity in this high-demand field. Register for the full certificate or any individual course(s): 

  1. Web Design Principles​
  2. Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript Programming​​
  3. Web Graphics with Photoshop​​​
  4. PHP and MySQL

 You'll learn:

  • The technical aspects of web development
  • How to leverage industry-standard applications to create compelling online user experiences
  • How to create and maintain all aspects of websites (including coding languages, user experience (UX) design, and graphic design

This online certificate is made up of four courses that allow for you to build your skills and join the web development industry quickly.

You may take the web design courses individually and in any order that fits your schedule. However, you must complete all four courses to receive the certificate.

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Student Testimonials for Web Development and Coding Certificate

“This course was exactly what I hoped it to be. Before taking this course, I knew some about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but did not feel confident in my abilities. After taking the class, I can now sit down and confidently create a fully functional web page using nothing but HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Great class!”
- Dave Keil


College Partner

This course is a collaboration with OSU College of Business. 

  • Kevin Hanegan

    Predictive Analytics Training Instructor

    Kevin Hanegan, B.S., is the author of 4 programming books: Building State-of-the-Art Web Pages, Custom CGI Scripting with Perl, Practical Guide to Curl, and Building Solutions with the Decision Site Analytics Platform. He has worked for a variety of software companies, universities, and corporate training centers as a course developer, trainer and consultant. He currently is Vice President of Knowledge and Learning at Qlik.