Learn to utilize water efficiently in your garden

Designed For
Landscape professionals, garden designers, Master Gardeners and hobbyists
Coming Fall 2017
Online and self-paced

Water is a precious resource that sustains all life. This is especially true with all species of plants that each have different needs. Conserving water in a landscape takes a conscious effort as well as focused, targeted education. With our WaterWise Gardening course, you will reimagine your outdoor space as you incorporate sustainable practices.

This online, self-paced course will develop your knowledge of water conservation by teaching you the fundamentals of water-efficient landscape. Discover which water-efficient plants will be the best fit for designing a garden; learn how to utilize soil, mulch and turf; and develop irrigation garden design techniques.

Hobbyists and professionals alike will benefit from the expanded knowledge of water-efficient gardening and design. Professional gardeners and landscapers can also gain valuable continuing education credit from the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board, the Irrigation Association and PLANET.

Create a sustainable, water-efficient landscape and leave a lasting impact with the right garden design.

  • The best combination of irrigation garden design techniques and turf coverings.
  • Utilization of mulch and other coverings.
  • Strategies to maintain your water-efficient landscape or garden.
  • Selection of water-efficient plants for your garden or landscape.
  • Identification of invasive species.
  • Landscape and garden design with water saving plants.
  • Waterwise gardening resources.
  • Amy Jo Detweiler

    Amy Jo Detweiler has been a member of OSU Extension Service horticulture faculty in central Oregon since 1999, with a three-county appointment serving Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties. She provides education in home horticulture, commercial horticulture and provides annual training and supervision for the local OSU Master Gardener Program. Her primary focus has been waterwise gardening and fire-resistant plants for home landscapes. She has a master's degree in landscape horticulture from Colorado State University and a bachelor's degree in biology from Westminster College.