Designed For
Middle and High School Math, Science, Art, Technology, Social Studies/History, ELA and Special Education teachers.
August 12 - 13, 2018
Silver Falls Lodge and Conference Center
Meals and lodging included
Oregon middle and high school teachers are eligible for a $200 stipend
1.6 CEUs | 16 Hours
16 PDUs with Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission

With funding provided by Meyers Memorial Trust, Oregon middle and high school teachers are eligible for a $200 stipend

This workshop, designed for Oregon middle and high school teachers, is based on the Oregon film Upriver. Over the course of two days in Silver Falls, Oregon, you will consider what it means to be a global water citizen and explore tools and resources to help you bring these lessons into your classroom. No matter what discipline you teach, you will find lessons and activities around clean water useful for all students.

About this Inquiry-based STEAM Curriculum

In the serene and beautiful Silver Falls Lodge and Conference Center, you will explore a film-based watershed curriculum. You will be introduced to Upriver: Exploring Watershed Citizenship, an interdisciplinary ArcGIS Story Map curriculum for middle and high school students. This curriculum was designed by Freshwaters Illustrated, NorthBay Education Foundation, and a team of teachers and students from five different Oregon schools.

Video clips from the film Upriver are embedded into a StoryMap of Oregon to engage students with place-based stories of watershed restoration projects. Students will also be drawn in by cinematography and stories from the Pacific Northwest combined with sounds from music, nature and human narration. The film and curriculum introduce the mindset of living "upriver," a holistic perspective where individuals make decisions that positively influence what happens downstream.

Each lesson leads students into an inquiry of a specific watershed issue and appropriate action to positively impact the situation. The lessons also include career pathways and links to conservation resources that students can explore further. Each lesson finishes with a VoiceThread assignment where students synthesize their learning in a polished video recording that other students and teachers can interact with.

The learning framework incorporates multiple ways of knowing, such as scientific, sensory and experiential. The curriculum meets Common Core and Next Gen standards.

Actionable Outcomes for Oregon Teachers

In this two-day intensive workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to use Story Map and Voice Thread software
  • Engage with at least two of a dozen possible online lessons
  • Discuss and develop solutions to possible implementation barriers

You will also have the opportunity to network with other teachers and watershed council members in the inspiring landscape of the Silver Falls Lodge and Conference Center.

This Course is Offered in Partnership with Oregon State University College of Education and the Following Groups

  • Jeremy Monroe

    Jeremy Monroe is a fisheries biologist turned underwater freshewater filmmaker. He is the founder of Freshwaters Illustrated, an award-winning film production studio based in Corvallis, Oregon.

  • Keith Williams

    Keith Williams is an entrepreneur, paramedicine practitioner, writer, freshwater snorkeler and the Executive Director of NorthBay Education Foundation.

  • Kathy Chambliss


    Kathy Chambliss, Ph.D., is an educator, learner, photographer, traveler and the Professional Development Coordinator at Northbay Education Foundation.