Launch or expand your food business with guidance from one of the nation's top food industry insiders.

Designed For
Designed for prospective and new small- to medium-sized food product business owners
Brand & Marketing Planning Online: February 1-21, 2016
Development and Production Online:  March 7-27, 2016
Logo and Label Design Onsite in Bend, OR. April 9, 2016
Business Planning, Legality and Financing April 11-May, 2016
Online, instructor-led
One onsite offering in Bend, OR.
$299 per course
$100 discount for completing all three online courses
Course Length
3 weeks per online course
1 day onsite workshop

"The knowledge I gained has been tremendously helpful, as my husband and I are both chefs and see a future where we produce our own products.  I feel confident that we can be successful in the future because of what I learned in this course."

-Shannon Poynter, 2014 Recipe to Market Attendee

The market for authentic, innovative food and beverage products is booming. Interest in food products deeply rooted in entrepreneurs' passion for food has never been stronger. Our Recipe to Market certificate courses are designed to turn your food passion into a a profitable business. You'll learn one of the world's leading packaged food consultants, Victor Willis. Complete all three online courses listed at right and earn your exclusive Recipe to Market certificate - or register for individual course(s) best suited for your needs.

As you'll see, Victor takes a special interest in helping aspiring entrepreneurs -- from foodies to farmers -- launch or expand successful food businesses. His branding insights and vast industry experience will be an asset as you share your product with a market that's receptive to fresh and original food concepts. Imagine developing and refining your unique product with one-on-one guidance and support from one of the world's leading packaged food consultants.

SAVE 10% now on our incredible Recipe to Market certificate series (enter code RTM10). Course features renowned packaged food consultant Victor Willis, who has worked with both startup and established food businesses, including Kroger and Safeway brands. Victor's consulting efforts focus on personal branding and sustainable production. As a participant, you'll profit from exclusive access and personalized guidance from Victor -- at a fraction of the cost companies pay for similar services!  

Food startups–from farmer's market stands to food carts to specialty products–have never been more popular, but launching a food product business takes planning and a thorough understanding of the legal and safety requirements of the industry.

Learn what it takes to successfully to grow your food or beverage business with Recipe to Market Online, designed food business owners, from concepts, to startups to established enterprises. You'll learn to aim high with winning brand development and logo design. You'll also discover effective planning for production and distribution to grow your operation and grow revenue. You'll also explore ways to efficiently produce food for consumers and ways to generate sales for your food startup through effective marketing and retailing. Along the way, you'll gain insight on the industry through the perspectives of successful food entrepreneurs for how to start a food business. You'll find this online coursework to be the recipe for success for your food business plan.

  • How to develop your food product business plan with production, distribution, marketing and retailing.
  • The various food business requirements to legally start a food business.
  • Food safety and sanitation regulations in a food production setting.
  • Insight about creating your own food startup from established food entrepreneurs.
  • Victor Willis

    As a consultant, brand strategist, entrepreneur, food scientist and writer, with over 20 years of experience in the food, drink and wellness sector, Victor Willis enjoys working with a wide spectrum of entrepreneurs and businesses from start ups to scale ups. Victor has worked in the UK, Japan, and the USA, for Safeway (Europe), Whitbread Brewing, Daymon Worldwide and the Fairtrade Foundation. Victor is well-versed in the multi-step process of brand and market development for different trade channels.

    His latest endeavour, Campbeltown Consulting, formed in 2010, was created to advise and support the development and scale up of profitable, values-driven food and drink brands from farm to fork and help CEO’s and their teams leverage their brands to meet key strategic objectives. With an innate curiosity about food systems, Victor not only delights in decoding and navigating the nuances of sustainable supply chains, he has the rare ability to bring together diverse stakeholders to create practical strategies for profitable growth.