August 22, 2015
Onsite in Bend, OR

Combine passion and market analysis to create a successful small food brand. 

As small food businesses continue to raise eyebrows in media, the marketplace, and even your very own kitchen, it’s important to that you understand your audience and have a strategy to launch your small food product. The Brand and Market Planning course within the Recipe to Market Certificate will help you focus on the market for your product and share techniques on how to respond to the market.

Identify the best strategies for reaching your audience and understand your place within the market. With this strategy in your apron pocket, start to develop the branding for your start-up food business. Learn the best channels to promote and sell your product. This course will give you a structure and understanding of marketing and branding for small food entrepreneurs that will align strategic goals with practical business planning.

Enroll in the Recipe to Market Certificate program to build your small food start-up plan in this online and collaborative series of small food entrepreneur courses.

  • Market planning analysis template for your start-up food product.
  • How to plan the development of your brand and identity within the existing small food landscape.
  • Key sales and promotion, pricing, and positioning strategies.
  • Victor Willis

    As a consultant, brand strategist, entrepreneur, food scientist and writer, with over 20 years of experience in the food, drink and wellness sector, Victor Willis enjoys working with a wide spectrum of entrepreneurs and businesses from start ups to scale ups. Victor has worked in the UK, Japan and the USA, for Safeway (Europe), Whitbread Brewing, Daymon Worldwide and the Fairtrade Foundation, Victor is well-versed in the multi-step process of brand and market development for different trade channels.

    His latest endeavour, Campbeltown Consulting, formed in 2010, was created to advise and support the development and scale up of profitable, values-driven food and drink brands from farm to fork and help CEO’s and their teams leverage their brands to meet key strategic objectives. With an innate curiosity about food systems, Victor not only delights in decoding and navigating the nuances of sustainable supply chains, he has the rare ability to bring together diverse stakeholders to create practical strategies for profitable growth.