Learn how to identify and correct plant diseases and problems with this online course.

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Professional and hobbyist gardeners, professional landscapers and retail nursery owners
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Online | Self-paced
Full Series: $100
Each course is approximately one hour.

Gardeners, landscapers and nursery owners encounter plant problems on a regular basis. Yet the process behind diagnosing and correcting these problems – caused by diseases, insects, pests and more – can be a mystery.

Develop your skills in diagnosing plant problems with this self-paced online course, where you'll learn a systematic process to determine and correct various gardening diseases. You'll discover different cultural and environmental causes of plant disease, ways that insects and pests lead to plant problems and techniques to mitigate disease. Regardless of the landscape plants you work with, this course will give you a framework to identify the issue and ways to solve plant problems.

Courses in this series include:

  • The cultural and environmental causes of plant diseases.
  • Pest management in residential, commercial and nursery settings.
  • A systematic process to determine plant problems.
  • Ways to solve, correct and prevent disease in landscape plants.