Designed For
Private and Commercial Pesticide Applicators
50 minutes
Washington State Department of Agriculture: 1 recertification credit
Oregon Department of Agriculture: 1 core credit

When you studied to get your pesticide license you learned that pesticides can enter the body through four routes. Personal Protective Equipment protects you while working with pesticides and during other work activities where you may come in contact with pesticides. These include mixing pesticides, loading pesticides into application equipment tanks, applying pesticides and others.

This course will cover the proper selection and use of a variety of personal protective equipment. The fifty-minute course qualifies for the Oregon Department of Agriculture's pesticide applicator recertification and Washington State Department of Agriculture's pesticide recertification credit. This has been approved as a core class by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

  • Tim Stock

    Tim Stock is a professor and Associate Director at the Integrated Plant Protection Center. He also serves as an IPM Education Specialist in pesticide and farm safety, and IPM in schools.