Learn Requirements for Flying Unmanned Aerial Systems

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Oregon State University faculty, staff and students looking to learn what is required for flying unmanned aerial systems.
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Free for Oregon State University faculty, staff and students

Whether you are an Oregon State University faculty member, staff or student, our Drone Flight Standard of Practice course will prepare you on safe and legal unmanned aerial system (UAS) operations. It's often difficult to understand everything you should do before flying a drone. There are ever-changing laws, new and novel UAS configurations, and a variety of ways to utilize UAS. That's why our course is targeted to help prepare you to fly your own missions and become a proficient UAS operator.

In this self-paced online course, you will learn what Oregon State University expects of its UAS pilots, including aircraft registration, licensing, operating procedures, reporting and flight safety standards. Oregon State follows the rules of the Federal Aviation Administration, so the course also covers all the material needed to pass the FAA Part 107 sUAS Pilot's Exam. Upon completion of this course, you should be able to take your exam and begin flying for Oregon State University!