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A course for ​professional and hobbyist gardeners interested in learning sustainable practices at their own pace

Basic Botany is available now!

All other courses coming Winter 2018

Basic Botany - Free!

All other courses in the series $35 each

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Learn the art and science of growing and caring for plants at your own pace with Master Gardener™ online program.

The eight subject areas of the OSU Master Gardener curriculum allow you to learn specific fundamentals of gardening. 

Basic Botany is available on-demand, meaning you can start any time! The other courses in the series are currently undergoing redevelopment and will be made available by Winter 2018.

  • The basics of botany and entomology.
  • Integrated pest management and pesticide safety.
  • Soils, fertilizers and composting.
  • Ornamental, herbaceous plants and woody plants.
  • Vegetable, indoor and container gardening.
  • Sustainable landscaping.
  • Plant pathology.
  • Gail Langellotto

    Instructor Gail Langellotto

    Gail Langellotto works with the Oregon State University Master Gardener program, state and local agencies, nonprofits and other non-governmental organizations. She helps to develop a better research-based understanding of how to design and sustainably manage gardens and parks to maximize ecosystem services. Her OSU Extension Service and outreach efforts are focused on communicating research-backed management practices to home gardeners and commercial landscapers.


No. In order to become an OSU Master Gardener, a participant must enroll in Option 2 of the instructor-led Master Gardener Online and complete 40 to 70 volunteer hours in his or her community after finishing the coursework.

No. The self-paced Master Gardener Online short course series were created for those who are interested in learning the full-length Master Gardener Online material but do not want to take the entire course. The short courses are self-paced. You must take the full-length Master Gardener Online course in order to learn the material under the guidance of an instructor.

You should budget up to six hours for each course: one to two hours to view lectures, one hour for readings, and one to three hours for assignments and quizzes. If you are completely unfamiliar with gardening or basic biology, we recommend budgeting a little extra time for each course.

Yes. You will see your grade immediately after completing the quiz.

No. We only encourage you to complete the assignments for your personal benefit.

Yes. If you are an instructor who'd like to use this content with your students, please contact for our special class rates.

No. In order to earn a Certificate of Home Horticulture, you must complete Option 1 of the instructor-led Master Gardener Online.