Designed For
Current educators looking to move their materials online. Individuals already knowledgeable in e-learning wanting to further develop and refine their skills. Informal educators working in museums, zoos or the outdoors who want to build digital learning environments. Graphic designers looking to move into the education field and apply their skills in this area.
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$435 (+$60 registration fee)
Six weeks
3.6 CEUS

A new evolution of instructional design is upon us, and it involves developing experiential, multi-layered, complex, contextual courses and lessons that do not end when the course closes.

These experiences aim to provide learners with enhanced engagement, retention, affordance, and an overall more memorable learning experience. This will require advanced skills in planning, production, development, design, and a clearer understanding of modern learners and learning trends. This learning experience design course will delve into the new and exciting world of Learning Experience Design (LXD), and present to participants the ways their instructional design techniques and practices can be taken to the next level.

Elements of Learning Experience Design Course

Over the course of six weeks, you will learn:

  • Principles of learning experience design from the learning sciences
  • Principles of learning experience design from instructional design
  • Design thinking processes
  • Designerly ways of knowing

This course is part of our Learning Experience Design Certificate. The entire series includes:

  1. Elements of Learning Experience Design
  2. UX/UI for Experience Design
  3. Lifelong Learning Engagement Strategies
  4. Advanced Tools and E-Learning Trends
  5. Practicum: Applications in the Wild
  • Jonan Donaldson

    Jonan is an educational professional, currently in the Educational Leadership and Learning Technology program at Drexel University. Previously, he worked as an instructional designer at Oregon State University where he also taught online courses in education and technology. He has taught at Western Oregon University and Chemeketa Community College. His specialties include learning experience design, constructionist learning, critical pedagogy, epistemic learning, design thinking, and creativity. His current research involves the relationship between conceptualizations of learning, conceptual metaphors of learning, worldview, and practices in teaching and learning.