Lean Methodologies to Advance Process Excellence

Designed For
Professionals who want to contribute to high impact projects by applying Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies to real-world scenarios.
Online | Instructor-led
Six Weeks
Plan for 3-8 hours of work per week
2.5 Units | 25 Hours 
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The foundation of the Lean philosophy is simple: to systematically identify and eliminate waste from processes. In our Lean Six Sigma Tools and Techniques course, you will engage with a variety of tools to help you increase efficiency from project inception to completion.

Our Lean Six Sigma Tools and Techniques course will enhance your ability to identify value-added steps, recognize waste within a process, develop a customer-driven pull system, and increase efficiency in your process timeline.

Course lessons, instructor insight, team projects and peer discussions will further your understanding of Lean process improvement methodologies, including mapping the value stream, creating visual controls, flowing the product, reducing set-up time and tactics for continuous improvement.

Lean Six Sigma Tools and Techniques also covers effective strategies for assuring projects maintain quality, while also considering creative ways to rethink practices and tools to eliminate rework and slowdowns. Upon completion of this six-week course, you will have a solid working understanding of standard Lean process improvement solutions.

This course is a part of the Lean Six Sigma Certificate, which includes: 


College Partner

This course is a collaboration with OSU College of Business. 

  • Understand the five steps to becoming Lean
  • Identify the criteria for identifying a value-added step
  • Analyze a process based on a completed Value Stream Map
  • Identify different types of waste within a process
  • Describe the effect of inventory on cycle time
  • Apply basic lean tools create a pull system
  • Explain Kaizen organization and deployment
  • Define Takt Time and Takt Rate
  • Specify the seven basic tools of quality 
  • Apply Lean metrics
  • Henry Rogers, M.S., M.B.A.

     lean six sigma green belt certification instructor

    Henry "Hank" Rogers, M.S., M.B.A., is a certified Black Belt instructor and experienced management, consulting and training professional. His experience spans years of supervision, management, quality improvement, consulting, training, and engineering. He has developed and delivered major training programs in diverse industries such as high-tech engineering and manufacturing environments, financial services, health care, utilities, and governmental organizations. His specializations are in Project Management, Lean Operations, Six Sigma, Finance and Quality Systems. Hank holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame, an M.S. in Industrial Technology from Illinois State University, and an M.B.A. from California Polytechnic University, Pomona with an emphasis in Finance.