Learn the Latest in Communication, Cultural Intelligence, and Adapting to Change

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Professionals who want to grow their leadership skills.
Communication and Emotional Intelligence
Leading with Cultural Intelligence
Leading through Organizational Change
Leadership Team Coaching 
Online | Instructor-led
Each course takes 4-7 weeks to complete
The full certificate can be completed in six months

Plan for 3-8 hours of work per week
9.0 Units | 90 Hours 

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The business landscape of today requires effective leaders more than ever. In this four part certificate series, you'll learn the tips and strategies for effective leadership through improved communication, increased emotional and cultural intelligence, and managing organizational change. Whether you supervise co-workers, manage volunteers, or aspire to a leadership position, you'll need to be able to adapt to a constantly changing environment and effectively communicate with your team.

There is high demand for leaders with well-developed people skills. In this program, you'll develop techniques for boosting your team's communication, productivity and unity.

In this highly interactive and self-reflective program, you will learn how to improve your social skills and recognize your strengths and opportunities for growth. You will learn to avoid accidental violations of cultural norms that erode trust and undermine performance of your team, to build collaboration between you and your employees, and key strategies for both top down and bottom up leadership through change in the workplace.

You can register for any of the four courses individually, or you can register for the complete certificate.


College Partner

This course is a collaboration with OSU College of Business. 

  • Effectively communicate across teams, departments, grade/salary levels, cultures and generations to achieve organizational goals
  • Analyze how cultural values shape the way we make decisions, solve problems, and collaborate with others in a multicultural teams
  • Effectively communicate and engage with your team around adapting to organizational changes
  • Define leadership coaching and how it differs from supervising or mentoring
  • Understand how to recognize and develop strengths in others 
  • Samad Aidane

    Samad Aidane, MSc. PMP, is a cross-cultural leadership development consultant, trainer, and coach. His industry experience spans telecom, finance, health care, and government projects in the U.S., Germany, Austria, and Belgium, with organizations such as HP, Cap Gemini, Time Warner Telecom, and Telefonica.

    Samad holds a Master of Science Degree in the Neuroscience of Leadership from Middlesex University, U.K. His current Ph.D. research in Applied Neuroscience investigates how findings from neuroscience, social science, and behavioral science can inform our understanding of the effect of culture on emotions, cognition, and behavior and their application to leadership and Cultural Intelligence development.

    Samad is certified by the Project Management Institute (PMP) and a member of the Social & Affective Neuroscience Society. He has been a featured speaker for organizations such as Nike, Emirates Airlines, and T-Mobile and presented at international conferences, such as Project Management Institute Global Congresses and Oracle OpenWorld.

  • Patricia Bravo, SPHR

    Patricia equips leaders with Empathetic Leadership techniques that drive team member engagement and increase business results. She does this by consulting with organizations and leaders through her company Bravo For You, where she helps organizations develop leadership programs and facilitates workshops that accelerate leader capability.

    Patricia enjoys using her talent management experiences gleaned at Fortune 500 companies such as Starbucks to shape the leadership landscape of the future. She also teaches undergraduate courses at University of Washington, Bothell and recently published a chapter titled Empathy as a Vehicle to Authentic Leadership and Followership in Latin America: A Practitioner Perspective in the book Authentic Leadership: International Perspectives.

    A transplant who adopted the Pacific Northwest as home, she fuels her love of travel by exploring new destinations and spending time in Southern California enjoying the sunshine. 

  • Sally Sorte

    Sally Sorte

    Sally Sorte, M.A., M.P.A., is the founder of Academy 360, a public charter school 501(c)(3) in Denver, CO. Sally served as Executive Director for six years and has recently transitioned to an Executive Consultant role for the school with a focus on finance and governance. Prior to this experience, Sally worked in education at Teach for America and business at Google. She is currently a guest lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship at CU Boulder and Colorado College, a writer for RealClearLife.com and a facilitator for New Politic's Answer the Call leadership program.