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Landscaping With Native Plants


Interest in landscaping with native plants has grown tremendously in recent years, and surveys have found that today’s homeowners are eager to incorporate native plants into their landscapes.

Learn how to use your region’s native vegetation into your garden or landscape project with the Native Plants online course. The course’s lessons teach participants the types of native plants in various North American regions, styles of native plant gardening, care and feeding of native plants and local resources, plus much more.


Heather Stoven is an Assistant Professor of Practice in Community Horticulture at Oregon State University. She has a Master of Science degree in Integrated Pest Management and previous ornamental nursery and arboretum experience working with woody and herbaceous plant management including propagation and plant health.

Email: Heather.Stoven@oregonstate.edu


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Will the Landscaping with Native Plants course focus on the Willamette Valley?

This course is designed for a national audience, with some definite biases toward the Pacific Northwest including the Willamette Valley.  Most of the examples are from this area, and the course includes a resource list specifically for the Pacific Northwest.  If you already know native plants intimately, you might not need the class, so you will need to judge that for yourself.  It does include information on cultivars and why or why not to use them, and also includes a section on the history of gardening with native plants.  The first part outlines when natives are appropriate, how they are being used in landscapes, and some general considerations which might be relevant.

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