April 3 - April 30, 2017
Instructor led - Dr. Kevin Weitemier
$100 for OSU Faculty, Staff and Students
4 weeks
3-6 hours of coursework per week

The R programming language is widely used for the analysis of statistical data sets.

This course introduces the language, covering topics such as:

  • Basic data types (e.g. integers, numerics, characters, vectors, lists, matrices, and data frames)
  • Importing and manipulating data (in particular, vector and data-frame indexing)
  • Control flow (loops, conditionals, and functions)
  • And good practices for producing readable, reusable, and efficient R code

This class is designed for students or researchers with no previous experience in R, and those with some experience but who would like an overview of R fundamentals to gain additional independence.

  • Kevin Weitemier

    Kevin Weitemier holds a B.A. in Biology from Colorado College, a M.S. in Biology from Portland State University, and a Ph.D. from the Department of Botany & Plant Pathology at Oregon State University. He currently serves as a bioinformatician and trainer for the OSU Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing, where he provides analytical support for research on and off campus and supports training opportunities in computational and bioinformatic analysis. His research centers around plant systematics and genomics, emphasizing population genomics and the process of speciation.