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April 2 - May 6, 2018
Online | Instructor-led
$527 (+ $60 registration fee)
Five weeks
Plan for 3-8 hours of work per week
2.0 Units | 20 Hours
20 PDUs with SHRM®
Required Textbooks
Introduction to Human Resource Management, Second edition.
Paul Banfield and Rebecca Kay.
ISBN: 978-0-19-958108-5. Oxford University Press. Copyright 2012.

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Learn the fundamentals of human resources management and develop critical skills to improve the relationship between management and employees.

This course walks you through the essential sections of human resources including: recruiting, interviewing, wage and labor issues, benefits, compensation, employment, regulations, documentation and termination.

In this course, you will develop an understanding of employee relations and develop strong content knowledge in work force diversity and human resources planning and research.

You will also learn theory around employee morale and group dynamics. Course focus will be on:

  • Recruiting and Staffing
  • Employee Training and Career Development
  • Sustaining Employee Performance
  • Introduction to Human Resource Management

This course is a part of the Human Resources Management Certificate, which includes:

  • Describe the role of human resource planning in the strategic planning process of an organization.
  • Determine the essential elements of a job position based on job analysis data.
  • Analyze the relationship between employee development and organizational development.
  •  Explain the importance of employee benefit plans.
  • Explain the changing role of human resource management in response to trends in technology, diversity, globalization and ethics.