Accelerated Online and Onsite Options to Prepare for SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP Certification

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HR professionals seeking professional HR certification (SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP) and SHRM testing.
SHRM CP and SCP Certification Prep Courses for 2017:
April 2 - June 22, 2018
Work through course materials at your own pace with weekly coaching prompts from instructor Dennis Carr.
Option for accelerated onsite sessions in Salem, Oregon
Review the official SHRM study materials, gain access to exclusive coaching and online content. Registration includes optional three full day onsite sessions with Dennis Carr.
Onsite days: June 8, 15, and 22, 2018
Online and Onsite
$1,350 which includes official 2017 SHRM study materials. 
(There is a $190 discount for SHRM members within the registration process)
3.6 CEUs
SHRM Materials
You will receive the official SHRM study materials at least one month before the course start date. It is highly encouraged that you begin working through the materials before you attend the class, so you can spend class time getting all your questions answered!

Boost your career by establishing yourself as a globally-recognized human resource expert.

By earning the new standard in HR certification: SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP™) and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP™), you'll be set up for professional advancement and recognized as the HR leader in your organization.

You can feel confident earning the HR certification with our 96% Certification Exam Pass Rate with Award-Winning SHRM Instructor, which is about 30 points higher than the national average for SHRM exams.

SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Certification Prep Course

Prepare and Pass SHRM Exam

Ensure you're prepared with Oregon State University's Professional and Continuing Education’s SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Certification Prep Course, designed for SHRM credential candidates.

Expand and test your knowledge and practical, real-life competencies in areas critical for HR career success. The intensive course combines expert instruction with the SHRM Learning System® for SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP, so you will learn faster, retain more knowledge and stay on track for success on the exam.

By attending our course, you'll benefit from:

  • An experienced, certified instructor - Dennis Carr, M.S.I.R./SPHR/SCP, Chief Human Resource Officer, Lane Community College
  • The SHRM Learning System, historically ranked the #1 HR certification prep tool
  • Ability to acquire the knowledge and understand the behavioral competencies to help you prepare for the exam
  • A structured learning experience that keeps you on track
  • Opportunities to network and learn from your peers
  • Tuition reimbursement and up to 36 continuing education units (CEUs)

It’s time to invest in yourself and your career by becoming HR certified. Our preparation course will keep you on track and enhance your learning and experience.

SHRM Certification

The SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP exams have been awarded accreditation, a pronouncement that the HR credentials meet the highest standards in testing.

There are now 96,000 SHRM-certified professionals, which makes it the fastest-growing HR certification community and the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP are the most widely-taken HR exams in the world.

Society For Human Resources (SHRM) Eligibility Requirements

Note; HR professionals must meet specific educational and work experience criteria in order to be eligible to sit for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP exam. SHRM criteria.

What Do Previous SHRM Test Prep Students Say?

SHRM Exam Prep Student Testimonial

"Dennis’ HR expertise when reviewing the materials in class, and his constant positive encouragement ("read and you will pass") were invaluable. This course is an essential part of successfully preparing for the SHRM-CP. Regardless of how much of a self-starter you are, this class helps keep you focused, motivated and on task as you review the  SHRM learning system materials and practice test. Dennis Carr is extremely knowledgeable and provides thorough explanations, and practical applications, of the material. This course is worth every penny and I doubt that I would have passed without it." ~ Chris Antonetti, SHRM-CP

"Thanks for tips on test management. I used the full 4 hours with only 5 minutes to review marked questions (changed 2). I didn't take any breaks. When I finished the exam and got the "PASSED" notification I almost started to cry from excitement and exhaustion. Thank you so much for all your guidance and support. Could not have done it without your class and study recommendations. ~ Connie, SHRM-SCP"

{You can read more from students on the testimonials tab}

SHRM Certification Course


Complete this course and earn a digital badge to share your new credential and accomplishment via Facebook, LinkedIn and more. 


  • Dennis Carr, Chief Human Resource Officer

    Dennis Carr, M.S.I.R./SPHR/SCP, SHRM Certification Course Instructor, OSU Professional and Continuing Education, Chief Human Resource Officer, Lane Community College

    Your instructor for this course, Dennis Carr, MSIR/SPHR/SHRM-SCP, serves as Chief Human Resources Officer for Lane Community College. As the Society for Human Resource Management's Oregon-exclusive instructor/educational partner, Dennis is proud to share his insight and expertise with other HR leaders. Participants in Dennis' SHRM courses have enjoyed a certification test pass rate of over 94% in each of the past two years! Dennis will take an active role to help ensure you gain the knowledge you need to reach this important career milestone. 

"Thank you so much for your coaching in class, online, via email and individual follow up. I could not have passed my SHRM-CP without your instruction, guidance and encouragement.

The Situational Judgement scenarios were loooong. The questions and possible answers were lengthy and number of questions associated with each were few (2 - or 3), consistent with other feedback.

The most important advice I have is pace yourself in the test. Be aware of the clock, but don't let it rule you. I answered all test questions with 9 minutes to spare. As I reviewed marked questions I found that I should trust my frontal cortex responses and stuck with them. Reviewing the HR Competencies book, highlighted sections of each and glossaries of each was a help - good reinforcement/refresher. I am curious to see what my official results report.

There was no part of the test that I felt was a cinch. It took using SHRM best practice mindset and honest process of elimination.

Thanks so much for all your guidance and support. And thank you to those who've shared their feedback on the class page, these emails and of course the in person three day class. You all are awesome."
Stephanie, SHRM-CP
"I am happy to report that I passed my SHRM-CP test today! As was reported by others, the situational judgment questions were quite lengthy and only had a few questions after each one. I remembered your advice about framing my answers in the context of the best practice of a department head at a large, global organization. I took the day off work yesterday and reviewed the glossary items, employment law resource and accounting formulas in the book in final preparation for my test today. Some of the questions on the test seemed very unfamiliar and unlike anything else we had studied. I chose to mark those items and go back to them after completing the rest of the exam. Those items seemed easier to answer the second time around. I reviewed those and others I had marked after I got through all the questions.

Your advice about how to pace yourself through the test definitely helped. I finished checking the marked questions and submitted my test with just a few seconds to spare. Like others who passed, I only changed a few answers during my review.

Thank you so much for your guidance and encouragement during the class. Your advice was spot-on and your encouragement to keep pace with the materials even though it seemed overwhelming at first due to my personal family emergency issues definitely helped me to finish my class time well and gave me a couple of weeks to review before my actual test.
My only regret for the class is that I am located so far away and that precluded me from attending the in-person intensive sessions on campus. If schedules permit, it might be helpful to have the in-person classes on consecutive days in the future so that those who live out of town might be able to attend.

Thank you again for all your guidance during the class."