Learn how to use drones in your classroom with drone training experts!

Designed For
This 3-day training is designed for K-12 Educators who use, or want to use, drones in the classroom, particularly for STEM and CTE courses.
June 27 - June 29, 2017 | 3-day training on drones and technology (including robotics)
Onsite in Corvallis, OR
This workshop is free for Oregon educators! Contact our Program Manager for more details

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Talk to the Program Manager
Contact our program manager, Paula Matano at 541-737-3690 or paula.matano@oregonstate.edu with any questions!

Oregon State University and Oregon Department of Education are partnering to offer a 3-day training on using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in the classroom. This training is designed for educators who are currently using drones or who are interested in learning more about how to incorporate drones into the classroom.

The drone training will be held onsite at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR. Learn from experts in the industry, including OSU faculty, on the current best practices and cutting edge uses in the field of drones.

Oregon educators can attend this 3-day workshop for free! Contact our Program Manager for more details.

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Drones in Education 101

Workshop Overview

Tuesday, June 27


  • Michael Wing: "Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Science"Explore the many ways in which UAS remote sensing can lead to scientific discovery


  • Drone rules and regulations
  • Insurance requirements
  • Safety Training with VDOS


Wednesday, June 28


  • Speaker Dr. Bill Smart: "Wheelchairs, Ebola, and Cheap Plastic Cars: A Whirlwind Tour of Human-Robot Interaction at OSU"
  • Speaker Jim Rivers: "Using unmanned aerial vehicles to locate nests of an imperiled forest-nesting bird"
  • Speaker Jen Jen Chung: "Robust Autonomy for UAV's: From Single Robots to Massively Distribured Systems"
  • Speaker Carlos Ochoa: "Using UAS technology for characterizing water and vegetation dynamics in rangelands and riparian ecosystems"


  • STEM Breakout sessions with Tammy Kaufman
  • Outdoor flying time


Thursday, June 29


  • Victor Villegas: "How to Use Drones to Introduce STEAM Concepts in the Classroom"
  • William Maurer: "Drone Technology: Bat Wings and Tethered Things"
  • Julie Adams: "Swarms"
  • Travis Cieloha: "Insitu's Work to Commercialize UAS"


  • Training Session with Richie Slocum, Chris Parrish
  • Outdoor flying time