The Business of Beer

Designed For
Serious entrepreneurs hoping to starting a commercial craft brewery or brew pub.
Winter 2019
Online | Instructor-led

From Asheville and Boston to Portland and Seattle, Oregon State University has played a central role in advancing the field of fermentation sciences, as well as helping entrepreneurs learn how to start breweries and find their own unique place in the craft beer business with their own distinctive brands. And since 2013, participants in our accelerated Craft Brewery Startup Workshop have become some of the most inspired (and well-prepared) industry startups.

The online version of our popular Craft Brewery Startup Workshop, offers an enriching and accelerated path to help ensure your own brewery business is a success. Designed for those who cannot travel to Oregon or simply want to work through the courses at their own pace, Craft Brewery Startup Workshop Online gives participants:

  • More direct and hands-on coverage of the essentials for a well-designed, financially sustainable brewery operation
  • Invaluable, behind-the-scenes insights on the financial and operational inner workings of a successful startup brewery
  • Access to industry leaders and the opportunity to network with other up-and-coming brewers
  • Personalized feedback on your own plans that integrate the factors you must consider for your brewery operation


College Partner

This course is a collaboration with OSU College of Business. 






  • Recognition of brewing opportunities in your community to allow you to start a business
  • Process of creating a sustainable business plan for your brewery.
  • Best practices for growing and marketing your brewery
  • Current trends in the brewing industry
  • Elements of a successful craft brewery company operation and management culture