Designed For
This course is ideal for mid-level and senior professionals looking to stay ahead of the competition, advance in their careers, or increase their earnings potential. Individuals with no prior procurement and contracting experience are advised to enroll in course.
March 5 – April 15, 2018
Online | Instructor-led
$487 (+ $60 registration fee)
Six weeks Plan for 3-8 hours of work per week
2.4 Units │ 24 Hours
Required Textbook
Contract Negotiations Skills, Tools, and Best Practices
G. Garrett, 2nd Ed
(ISBN: 9781454872092)
Optional Textbook
Getting to Yes: Negotiating without giving in
R. Fisher & W. Ury
ISBN-13: 978-0743526937

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This interactive class allows students to study negotiation frameworks and tools while practicing them in class during mock negotiations. Students will use a variety of contracts to learn negotiating from both buyer and seller’s perspective, while learning about their own communication style. They will also learn to diagnose and interpret the other party’s negotiation style in order to create effective, joint business deals. During the course, students will also work in teams to evaluate real world contracts that have been subject to judicial review and demonstrate their mastery of the course content by presenting their findings to the class.

Gain the competitive edge by learning the contract negotiation process from beginning to end. Study the skills, tools, and best practices for contract planning and negotiations through case studies, proven processes, and checklists.

Students will explore the intricacies of building good relationships, dealing with obstacles in negotiations, and steps to creating a successful performance-based contract.

This course is a part of the Procurements & Contract Management Certificate which includes:

  • Contracting review processes
  • Contract planning and negotiation
  • Metrics for a successful performance-based contract
  • Tools and techniques to understand negotiation styles
  • Brian Gatus

    Brian P. Gatus is Principal Manager of Supply Chain Management for Edison Material Supply, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern California Edison (SCE). He is responsible for leading a team of professionals in delivering effective procurement (sourcing, contracts & negotiations) and category spend management solutions for SCE's business enterprise supply chain. Mr. Gatus has a proven track record of success in leveraging spend, optimizing procurement controls, minimizing risk and improving product quality. With over 18 years of public and private sector experience, his areas of expertise include sourcing of various IT/OT hardware and software, complex contract negotiations, logistics, and execution of business process improvements. Mr. Gatus is recognized by the National Contract Management Association as a Certified Professional Contracts Manager and by the Institute of Supply Management as a Certified Professional in Supply Management. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and an undergraduate degree in Business Information Systems.