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This program is designed to increase strength, power, and bone density. If you have been active in the past, but have not been involved in any regular exercise in the past month, you should start as a beginner.
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Questions about the program should be directed to Better Bones & Balance
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The Better Bones & Balance® video download includes an overview of the program, instructions for weighted vest use, exercise demonstrations and a full 50-minute BBB exercise class!

The BBB classes are designed to gradually improve balance and strength to avoid falls and maintain independence. "Better bones are a bonus," says Associate Professor Kathy Gunter, Ph.D. "Most fractures occur from a fall. If you avoid the fall, chances are you won’t experience a fracture. Because this program targets strength and balance, it has an immediate impact on reducing the risk for falls. The benefits to bone observed among long–term participants are icing on the cake."

We recommend this program for anyone who is interested in improving balance, strength and mobility, and reducing their risk for falls. Whether you are just starting to think about adding physical activity to your routine, or you are looking for an alternative way to decrease your risk for falls and fracture, the Better Bones & Balance® Program is a great choice.

The program is presented in a way that makes it accessible for beginners, and challenging for individuals with a history of being physically active. The video allows you the flexibility to try a new activity in the privacy of your home, or to invite friends to support each other in being active together!

  • Kathy Gunter

    Kathy Gunter is an Assistant Professor in OSU Extension's Family and Community Development Program and the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Sciences. Dr. Gunter’s work focuses on the effects of physical activity on the prevention and management of chronic conditions across the lifespan. Her research has demonstrated the benefits of physical activity on bone health in children and fracture risk in the elderly.

    Dr. Gunter’s work spans the gap between research and practice. She has taught exercise classes to older adults in the community and, in the OSU Bone Research Laboratory, studied the effects of these targeted exercise programs across the lifespan. Convinced that effective, evidence-based practices need to be more widely available, she is working with Linn Benton Community College faculty and staff to offer workshops to train fitness instructors and community stakeholders to deliver Better Bones and Balance, an exercise program developed at OSU to reduce the risk of falls and fractures among older adults. "Not every community has a cadre of people who can come to OSU for training and take this back to their communities," says Gunter. "I believe it's our responsibility to create a toolkit that would allow communities, YMCAs or senior centers to have their personnel trained. Too often scientists publish the paper and move on. Nobody benefits if the science is not translated and packaged for practitioners who work daily with the populations we study.”


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