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B-Better: Caregiver Guide to Preventing Dependents’ Falls


As an in-home caregiver who is passionate about the well-being of adults to whom you provide care, you’re well aware the risk for slips and falls increases with age and dependency.

Protect your friend, family member or client from the dangers of falls with B-Better: Caregiver Guide to Preventing Dependents’ Falls. This free online course will equip you with tools to prevent slips and trips:

  • proactively assess potential fall hazards in the home
  • communicate these risks appropriately
  • strategize a plan to reduce or eliminate observed risks 
  • improve living conditions by reducing your dependent’s risk of falls.

This module will also teach you to encourage the person to whom you provide care to practice a few simple daily exercises through a low-impact exercise regimen designed to improve strength and balance, mobility factors known to be linked to falls risk.

The interactive exam following each lesson will allow you to measure your proficiency in the information discussed in the module, and you will have the option to re-take the module and exams. A certification of completion will be awarded upon successful learning and completion of the module.


The B-Better Online Module is divided into five self-paced sections for specialized learning.

  1. Fall Risk Assessment
  2. Exercise
  3. Home Safety
  4. Medications
  5. Vision and Hearing

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