Engage Consumers Across Media Platforms and Expand the Impact of Your Brand

Designed For
Professionals who are interested in creating compelling, engaging and profitable internet marketing strategies.
Online | Instructor-led
Six weeks
Plan for 3-6 hours of work per week
2.5 Units | 25 Hours
Required Textbook
Multiscreen Marketing: The Seven Things You Need to Know to Reach Your Customers across TVs, Computers, Tablets, and Mobile Phones
Natasha Hritzuk
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Storytelling is key to communicating your message and brand, but the way we share these stories has changed drastically over the years. Our Transmedia Storytelling course helps you develop your skills in storytelling and apply those to a variety of formats and media, allowing you to reach and impact your audience, no matter where they may be.

Stories help provide context for your audience beyond their knowledge of your brand. Transmedia storytelling helps you highlight critical information, backstory and details through multiple forms of media.

In this expert-led online course, you'll consider and construct your multiple narratives and develop strategies to deploy these stories across a variety of genres that include video, web content, mobile content, social networks and games. In the end, you will create an engaging and immersive experience that reaches your audience and builds loyalty in innovative ways.

This course is part of the Advanced Digital Marketing Certificate, which includes:


College Partner

This course is a collaboration with OSU College of Business.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the difference between mono, multi and transmedia storytelling
  • Create a compelling transmedia narrative for a brand of your choice
  • Identify multiple media types that are appropriate to the narrative being created
  • Build a transmedia storytelling strategy for a business
  • Jeff Marcoux

     Marketing Training with Jeff Marcoux

    Jeff Marcoux is Vice President of Product Marketing & Customer Experience Solutions at Teletech focused on helping brands deliver experiences that reflect the very best of humanity. He has driven cross product and team collaboration, digital transformation, supported multiple product releases, bringing new products to market, innovative marketing strategies, channel development, and acquisition integration work. He believes that every touch point with a customer is a marketing experience- from marketing to sales to customer service. Jeff is a marketing growth hacker, CX evangelists, martech expert, and brings entrepreneurial innovation to a big tech world. Additionally, Marcoux is a prominent customer experience and marketing speaker, and an adjunct professor of marketing for UC Irvine & Oregon State University. He attended the University of Washington where he received his MBA in Leadership and Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship.