Implementing Adult Learning Theory

Designed For
Professionals who want to teach or train adults in any context in which the transfer of information or knowledge is required for growth in any field.
September 24 - November 11, 2018
Online | Instructor-led
$390 (+ $60 registration fee)
Six weeks
Plan for 3 hours of work per week
1.8 Units | 18 Hours
18 PDUs with TSPC of Oregon
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As part of our Informal Learning in Museums program, this online short course focuses on working with adults and other non-traditional audiences in education.

Driven by a changing workforce, the demand for adult education programs is on the rise. Adult Education: Working with Non-Traditional Audiences introduces participants to key theories, orientations, models, and principles of learning and development in adulthood. From these theoretical frameworks, participants will develop a personal philosophy of adult education that will guide their practice.


College Partners

This course is a collaboration between Oregon State University College of Education and Oregon State University Professional and Continuing Education.

  • Describe the contexts and environments in which adult learning occurs. 
  • Describe key theories, orientations, models, and principles of adult learning and development. 
  • Construct a personal philosophy of adult education that is grounded in theory and reflective of contemporary practices in adult teaching and training, which will facilitate the design and implentation of effective adult learning/training courses or programs.
  • Shelley Dubkin-Lee , EdD

    Shelley Dubkin-Lee

    Since 2003, Shelley Dubkin-Lee, EdD has been an instructor in Oregon State University's College of Education. She is also a certified Gottman Educator and Individual and Family Coach, and beginning in 2008, she has also served as the Graduate Program Coordinator for the College of Education's Adult and Higher Education Leadership Department.