Earn a Digital Badge from Oregon State University


What are digital badges?

Digital badges are awarded to students who successfully complete a course, workshop or certificate.

What are the advantages of digital badges?

Digital badges are:

  • Accessible: Employers and colleagues easily identify qualifications.

  • Portable: Imagine you just completed the Boston Marathon. You have a medal and perhaps a paper certificate, but you want to share your achievement on a broader level through social media.

  • Flexible: Badges can represent simple achievements, or in-depth certificate programs.

  • Authentic: Badges link to the issuing institution for verification.

  • Stackable: Multiple badges allow individuals to better "tell their story."

How are these badges verified?

Professional and Continuing Education use Basno, a badge management system, to distribute and host our digital badges. Badges displayed and viewed on different websites (LinkedIn, for example) should be clickable and lead to a dedicated webpage. The page displays a Verification checkmark next to "Professional and Continuing Education at Oregon State University," and presents unique information about the badge; participant name, completion requirements and descriptions.

All badges issued by PACE are encoded according to the Mozilla Open Badge Framework. This means that they can be downloaded by their owners and saved in other settings, like on a user’s desktop, without losing its authenticity. These badge files are “baked” with additional information that will help communicate key information to badge systems beyond the system that originally created it. This makes badges interoperable and open.

Who can earn digital badges at OSU?

PACE students who successfully complete a course that has a digital badge associated with it.